Adaeze Anyaegbunam, PhD

About Angelify Beauty

Welcome to our store. You might have been buying before from our stores on Amazon, eBay, Onbuy, Facebook & Instagram, Wish, etc. and have felt that we kept our promises to you and so, decided to find us here. Permit me to welcome you again this time with a very big “WELCOME and THANK YOU!”

Angelify started as a family business trading on other ecommerce stores but has since evolved. We are registered in the UK and US with the hope of expanding to the EU, soon. We established this business with every dark or brown skin girl in mind; helping them to grow and glow very confident in their own skin.

Yet, there is beauty and there is angelic beauty which does not require you to change or alter your skin colour or attributes to please someone, hence, Angelify beauty is born with clear goal and objective of enhancing dark skin confidence in men and women who are born with it.

In most of our culture and society, “Dark-skinned women are made to feel that if they’re not light skinned, they may not find a man or have a successful career; they end up bleaching out of pressure to succeed or be desired.” (Beverly Naya, British-Nigerian Actress, #SkinTheDocumentary)

How can we change the narrative?

Talk about skin lightening is growing and this momentum is necessary to enact impactful change. Skin bleaching, whitening, and lightening are all terms for the same practice of using creams, soaps, or other cosmetics to lighten one’s skin tone from a few shades to more extreme transformations.

Issues with skin lightening are manifold. A symptom of colourism-prejudice wherein lighter skin is of higher value that darker skin, especially within one racial or ethnic group. Skin lightening perpetuates racist notions and disproportionately affects women, preying on sexist ideas of beauty. It also reinforces outdated concepts of class; there is a perceived notion that fairer skin equates to more power and status, and whereby upward social mobility is afforded to those who bleach.

Today the prevalence of skin whitening practices varies by country but WHO points out it’s one of the fastest growing beauty industries globally. According to a report from 2011, 40 percent of African women whiten their skin, with Nigeria reporting the highest usage at 77%. This is followed by Togo (59%), South Africa (35%), Senegal (27%) and Mali (25%). But it’s the Asia Pacific region that accounts for the world’s largest market overall, taking 54.3% of the global revenue in 2018. In India, skin-lightening products represent 50% of the country’s skincare market and are valued at over $450 to 535 million annually.

What kind of damage can skin-lightening products cause?

Skin-lightening products pose a significant threat to human health due to the inclusion of toxic chemicals. Mercury in cosmetics is banned in many countries but WHO allows a limit of 1mg/kg in skin-lightening products. However, products containing high amounts of mercury are readily available via the internet or specialty shops, and the industry’s lack of regulation means that mercury may not be listed as an ingredient.

The adverse health effects of using such products include skin rashes, scarring, kidney damage, peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, depression, and psychosis. Mercury inhibits melanin production and without the skin’s natural protection, users are also more susceptible to skin cancer.

Here at Angelify Beauty, we source genuine health and beauty products from a variety of different types of wholesalers including pharmacies, perfumeries, retail chains, hair and beauty salons and online retailers. We buy fragrances directly from all the major brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Guerlain, Michael Kors, Thierry Mugler, Tom Ford and Viktor & Rolf. Eau de Parfum.

Moreover, we don’t just stop there, but we also go above and beyond to exceed your expectation by offering unrivaled personal shopper customer service, visit the page by clicking here to book appointment today. Our international personal shopper will help drive your business, developing your client book, sales, and product margin. Through developing relationships with your clients based on understanding their tastes and lifestyle, we will encourage repeat purchases and new client referrals. We are very open to all types of shopping, internationally.

Happy shopping, Angelify!


Adaeze Anyaegbunam, PhD.